OOAKS Publicity

We were lucky to receive a great deal of support from the One of Kind Show Crew, promoting our chairs at every possible opportunity. We were featured in the OOAK's mini mag that went out in the Globe and Mail. As well as in every aspect of their social media promotions. The chairs were featured in the front entrance display as you entered the show as well.

We were quite lucky to have been featured in the Toronto Star as a top item to purchase this spring. Toronto life also highlighted our chairs as a top Spring purchase. We were approached by numerous craft show representatives to participate in their shows and are now considering which ones will work well for us as we move forward. We also were highlighted by a few others; a Toronto based event Design and Styling company called Hoopla as well as a shout out from a rep at Canadian Living Magazine.

Finally, we are featured on Arlene Dickenson's A List as a top item to purchase this spring. Being on this list in the company of products put out by Nike and Garmin feels like a pretty solid accomplishment for OTIS. We are excited about this and all of the positive responses we have received from  customers as well. 

Again, thank you for appreciating our hand made, high quality, Canadian products!

the OTIS crew