So, Gav and I love to travel and as part of this love we have been looking for a Westfalia Volkswagen Van. We found one from a nice fella who lives in Marksdale, Ontario and decided to make the purchase. It is a happy light blue colour on the bottom and white on top. His wife was a talented seamstress so the interior is newly upholstered. He is a talented sign maker and so we have some sweet vinyl westfalia stickers. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. THe year is 1981 so it is slightly older than us. We were able to purchase this vehicle with some funds Gav recently inherited from his Nono Leroy. So that is the name of our Westy, VW LEROY, as it says on the license plates. We love Nono and miss him a great deal but this van is a constant reminder that he is always present in our lives. SO thank-you Nono, and here is to life's continued adventures!!!