OOAKS Publicity

We were lucky to receive a great deal of support from the One of Kind Show Crew, promoting our chairs at every possible opportunity. We were featured in the OOAK's mini mag that went out in the Globe and Mail. As well as in every aspect of their social media promotions. The chairs were featured in the front entrance display as you entered the show as well.

We were quite lucky to have been featured in the Toronto Star as a top item to purchase this spring. Toronto life also highlighted our chairs as a top Spring purchase. We were approached by numerous craft show representatives to participate in their shows and are now considering which ones will work well for us as we move forward. We also were highlighted by a few others; a Toronto based event Design and Styling company called Hoopla as well as a shout out from a rep at Canadian Living Magazine.

Finally, we are featured on Arlene Dickenson's A List as a top item to purchase this spring. Being on this list in the company of products put out by Nike and Garmin feels like a pretty solid accomplishment for OTIS. We are excited about this and all of the positive responses we have received from  customers as well. 

Again, thank you for appreciating our hand made, high quality, Canadian products!

the OTIS crew

One of a Kind Show Toronto - the kids!

As mentioned in my previous post we had a lot of people come by the booth and kids are especially drawn to the chairs. We snapped some pictures of people who were interested in posing for us. Check them out in our photo gallery here:   *** THANK-YOU to all the models!


March and the months leading up to it were busy for the OTIS crew!

We participated in the One of Kind Show in Toronto at the end of March. Sorry for the delay in this post, I have been working on finishing up all the projects for my classes at Sheridan. We have also been keeping busy working on orders we received at and prior to the show. There were many people who stopped by the booth to check things out and try out the chairs.

Quite a few people were interested in seeing a bench with a circle back and so a new piece has been created. The bench also opens up allowing for storage, and making for a great addition to your deck, backyard or even your children's play room.  Speaking of kids, we often find that kids are drawn to the booth, something about the bold vibrant colours pulls them in. So we did not hesitate to get some great photos of kids sitting in and enjoying the OTIS mini chair. We will post a gallery of those photos as well.

We want to say thank-you to everyone who stopped by and has supported our OTIS projects! We really appreciate your interest and are having a blast being creative and doing something we love.

Thanks again!!!

the OTIS crew

The London Show

We recently participated in our third show. It was in London, Ontario at the Western Fair grounds; http://www.londoncraftshows.com/

we very much enjoyed our experience and were quite happy to have been involved with  another well attended show.

We sold a bunch of prints framed and unframed and a few more pieces of furniture which is both exciting and encouraging!

We will take the next couple of months to consider which shows we will participate in for the coming year. we are very excited about this challenge and the opportunities that await.

THanks to all for your interest in our work, we really appreciate all the compliments and support we've had in this endeavour so far!!

- more pictures will be added in album, be sure to scroll through them :) we had some lovely people come and sit in and try out the chairs!

team OTIS

a birthday surprise

One person who  purchased a chair from us planned to give it to her husband as a surprise birthday present. It was so nice to see this picture of a prominent Stratford Gentleman sitting in one of our chairs!


Much love to this couple who seem to be enjoying their chair.


Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 4.37.44 PM.png


So, Gav and I love to travel and as part of this love we have been looking for a Westfalia Volkswagen Van. We found one from a nice fella who lives in Marksdale, Ontario and decided to make the purchase. It is a happy light blue colour on the bottom and white on top. His wife was a talented seamstress so the interior is newly upholstered. He is a talented sign maker and so we have some sweet vinyl westfalia stickers. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. THe year is 1981 so it is slightly older than us. We were able to purchase this vehicle with some funds Gav recently inherited from his Nono Leroy. So that is the name of our Westy, VW LEROY, as it says on the license plates. We love Nono and miss him a great deal but this van is a constant reminder that he is always present in our lives. SO thank-you Nono, and here is to life's continued adventures!!!